Mirabelle de Nancy Plum Patio Fruit Tree in a 5L Pot 1.2m Tall


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The Mirabelle is a cherry plum, a distinct fruit, and not a hybrid of the two. It produces masses of ruby red, larger than plum sized fruits, with a gorgeous deep-red flesh, and a sweet, very juicy distinctive peach-like taste, and small stone. It tastes good fresh, but is also fabulous for cooking and baking with. Popular in France, Mirabelles make a great addition to the fruit garden. They do flower early, so can be prone to early frosts, so plant in a sheltered sunny spot if possible – but they fruit early too in high Summer into September. Grown on ‘Pixy’ rootstock, they retain a more upright habit, making this ideal for smaller gardens – it will top out at 9-10ft in 10 years time, and make for easy picking. They are self-fertile too. Try one! The taste of Mirabelle’s is never forgotten.